What’s the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Kids Room?

What’s the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Kids Room?

If you are looking for the best essential oil diffuser for a kids room then you’ll want to know about these diffusers and their handy features.


I also highly recommend that you read this post about diffusing essential oils around babies and children.

What type of essential oil diffuser is best for kids room?

There are a few different types of essential oil diffusers which all work in slightly different way to disperse your aromatherapy oils into the air.

Ultrasonic or vaporizer diffusers
are the most suitable to use around children.

They look as if they have steam rising from them but it’s actually a fine mist of water mixed and diluted essential oils (no heat is involved!)

These clever diffusers agitate the oils with tiny vibrations, they are separated and dispersed  gradually into the air. 

Essential oils leading expert Robert Tisserand recommends using an ultrasonic diffuser if you have children in the house. He advises using it for no longer than 70 minutes at a time (with a 30-60 minute rest period before diffusing again).


It’s what we’ve always used around our boys as they are simple to use and release a lovely pure scent without being at all over-powering.


Benefits of using ultrasonic diffuser in kids room or nursery…

Ultrasonic diffusers:

  •  dilute the oils before releasing them around kids.
  • are inexpensive and easy to operate.
  • often have an LED light which makes a great Night light (set on red for healthy sleep).
  • can be used as a humidifier without oils.
  • usually have an automatic stop setting.


Using essential oils around children…

Great caution is necessary for infants. Since neonatal skin does not mature until three months of age, it is more sensitive and more permeable to essential oils. A newborn is also less equipped to deal with any adverse effects than an adult because of lower metabolic capacity, i.e., enzymes present in lower concentrations. These cautions apply even more to premature babies, and here it would be prudent to avoid all use of essential oils.”

Tisserand, Essential Oil Safety (pages 48-49)

Essential oils are natural but potent.

Because a child’s body is more sensitive to the effects of essential oils they should be used mindfully and introduced slowly.

Ingesting even tiny doses can be fatal so it’s important to use and store them safely. (Read more about using essential oils at home here)


In general the dilution for diffusing essential oils around babies in an ultrasonic diffuser is:

  • 0-3 months = plain tap water only.
  • 3+ months = 1-3 drops of oil per 200ml water.
  • Adults = 3-5 drops per 200ml water.

N.B. there are essential oils that should never be diffused around babies and children…our post about diffusing essential oils safely around babies and toddlers includes a list of unsafe and safe essential oils.

Also, take a look at these lovely essential oils blends to diffuse around babies and children


How to use an ultrasonic diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers are really easy to use:

1. Fill to the line with cold tap water.

2. Add a few drops of essential oil (lavender is a lovely relaxing essential oil for calming toddlers!)

3. Pop the lid on.

4. Press the button to turn it on. Usually you can choose how long you want it to run for before shutting off automatically.

5. Some models will allow you to select LED light colour or no light option.

6. Remove the lid when you’ve finished diffusing and wipe dry to stop bacteria growth.

 essential oil diffuser safety in kids room
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Click here to read full post about safely diffusing essential oils around kids.


The best essential oil diffuser for kids room

Choosing the best essential oil diffuser for a kids room is more about choosing the features that you want it to have.

This is the diffuser that we use. It has a built in timer so we don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn it off! It also has an LED light that can be set to colour-change or a specific colour.


If you prefer you can use a smart diffuser like this one:

Download an app on your phone to control features like LED colour, mist intensity, timer settings and scheduling.

The smart diffuser can also be voice operated as it’s Alexa and Google Home compatible.

Whichever diffuser you choose for your kids room I’m sure they’ll enjoy the benefits!

What's the best essential oil diffuser for kids room
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