Why would you homeschool your child?

Why Do People Choose to Homeschool?

The most common reasons for parents and carers choosing to homeschool a child are:

  • The child’s health issues, particularly mental health issues – for example, anxiety, school phobia, separation anxiety, or depression
  • Special educational needs not being met within the school system – for example, dyslexia, autism, or gifted and talented needs
  • The child being bullied (either by peers or their teachers)
  • The child’s unwillingness or inability to go to school
  • As a short-term intervention for a particular reason
  • The parent’s ideological or philosophical views – for example, they might support the concept of ‘unlearning’
  • Dissatisfaction with the school system – for example, disliking the National Curriculum, believing that children start school too early, or that the school system does not suit their child
  • Distance to a local school.

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