Word Excavation | A Fun Preschool Writing Activity

Word Excavation | A Fun Preschool Writing Activity

If you’re looking for a fun preschool writing activity then this one is great!


When I set up this Letter Excavation activity for my 2 year old, as predicted my 4 year old was desperate to join in!


So, I’d set up a different version for him so that he could practice writing simple 3 letter words…and he loved it!


The Setup

You will need:

  • Printable sheet (see below)
  • Magnetic letters
  • Metal baking tray
  • Flour
  • Brush (I used a paint brush)


What to do:

  • Print or copy sheet for recording words/letters
  • Choose the letters that spell the words on the sheet and use their magnets to stick them to the tray.
  • Cover with flour.
  • Place a brush next to the and wait for your preschooler to discover it. (I find it makes less mess on the floor rather than a table…we often use our messy play tray).

How To Play


  • Give your preschooler time to discover the letters hidden under the flour.
  • When they find one they write the corresponding letter on the sheet.

preschooler activities writing


  • When they’ve completed a word they spell it out and match it with the corresponding image.




Download the free preschooler writing activity printables here.

They both played for just under an hour with this and then helped vacuum up the mess.


Let me know if you tried this  preschool activity  and remember to take a look at my other activities.


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