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  • How to make apple cider vinegar drink that’s actually drinkable!

    April 9, 2019

    You may have heard that apple cider vinegar has some amazing health but is it palatable!? We’ve put together our favourite recipes in this “how to make apple cider vinegar drink guide”.

    Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples.

    Not only is it awesome at softening hair (I’ve been using nothing but water and occasional Chamomile ...

  • How To Live Eco Friendly In 2019 | 60+ tips to become an eco-warrior!

    March 22, 2019

    Our Guide On How To Live Eco Friendly in 2019!

    I don’t think that there has ever been a time when so many people were desperate to live as eco consciously as possible.

    We are concerned about the negative impact that humans have had and continue to have on our environment…and so we should be.

    A ...

  • Natural Floor Cleaners – find the best for your floor!

    March 17, 2019

    Natural floor cleaners

    Choosing a homemade floor cleaner recipe to suit your floor…

    If you’re a little confused about which natural floor cleaners to use then hopefully this post will help.

    As soon as my little boy began crawling I became really aware of all the chemicals that I was wiping over the floor regularly.

    I figured, ...

  • Zero Waste Shopping List | easy zero waste grocery shopping

    March 5, 2019

    Our Zero Waste Shopping List

    What items might you find on a zero waste shopping list?

    One of the first things I did before attempting our first zero waste shopping trip was to make a weekly meal planner and a detailed zero waste shopping list.

    I wanted to share it, in the hope that it will help ...

  • Find Milk Delivery Near Me | the complete guide

    February 22, 2019

    milk delivery near me

    Find A Milk Delivery Near Me 🐄

    More and more people want to do their bit to reduce plastic waste and are asking “is there a milk delivery near me?”

    In this guide we’ll take you through how to find a local milk delivery.

    Only 3% of the five and a half ...

  • Zero Waste Mop – natural cleaning made easy

    February 8, 2019

    zero waste mop

    If you’re on the hunt for a zero waste mop to add to your cleaning kit…then read on…

    Cleaning doesn’t have to involve a bunch of chemicals, plastic and other non-recyclable waste.

    Zero waste cleaning is really simple and actually requires very few items.

    In fact, most of what you need is probably already stashed away in your ...

  • Zero Waste Shaving 2019 Guide

    January 6, 2019

    Guide to zero waste shaving in 2019

    Everyone remembers the first time they shaved.

    Often we’re shown how to do it by a parent or older sibling.

    I decided to wing it and learnt the hard way.

    Just me and a crappy mass-produced and basically single-use orange razor.



    I stuck with those orange razors for a while and although ...

  • Ceramic Pans vs Teflon – which is better?

    December 14, 2018

    Ceramic vs Nonstick pans

    Ceramic Pans vs Teflon…which would you choose?!

    Have you ever tried to cook an egg in a pan with no non stick coating!?

    How did it go!?

    I usually leave the resulting mess to ‘soak’ until my husband gives in and sorts it out! 😂

    Pretty much all of us own or have ...

  • Plastic Free Shopping | read this guide!

    December 10, 2018

    Our tips for plastic free shopping… 

    I’d take a wild guess that most of the rubbish you produce comes from your weekly grocery shopping.

    So, many items nowadays come in excessive packaging. Often it can be difficult to imagine what someone who claims to be ‘zero waste’ or ‘plastic free’ actually eats.

    We made ...

  • Should we have a zero waste jar?

    December 10, 2018

    I love a good challenge and a zero waste jar seems to be the done thing amongst ‘zero wasters’  (no idea if that is the technical term…but I like it!)

    It’s basically a jar where you store the minuscule amount of waste you’ve  produced…kinda like a trophy. So, everyone can see what a freaking awesome eco-warrior ...

  • Zero Waste Products 2019 | ultimate list to borrow, find or buy

    December 8, 2018

    What zero waste products do you really need to become zero waste?

    Zero Waste Products That You Might Actually Need

    It seems kind of contradictory to be writing a post about buying more things in order to produce less waste.

    There are so many ‘zero waste products’ on the market right now that it’s impossible to work out ...

  • Zero Waste Tea – buy & make waste free tea

    December 7, 2018

    Want to know how to become a zero waste tea drinker?

    Being British I know that tea drinking is a pretty big deal! Brits consume over 60 billion cups each year (I think about half that figure is my parents!)

    I mean who doesn’t love a nice warm mug of their favourite ...

  • A letter to my babies…I’m sorry…

    December 5, 2018

    Waste free

    To my little boys,

    I lay awake tonight as you sleep peacefully next to me. There are so many thoughts running through my mind that I don’t really know how to start putting them into words.

    It’s as if the cloak of denial is finally lifting.

    We’ve been warned for decades that climate change was a ...

  • 50+ Zero Waste Swaps!

    December 4, 2018

    How to live eco friendly

    Fo be clear, I do not think that we will save the planet by simply buying “eco” products.

    I really want to emphasise that point.

    It’s important that we make mindful purchases and try to borrow or buy second as a priority.

    This post does contain affiliate links to purchase items but buy local if you can.

    That said, ...

  • 3 “eco” things you probably do that are actually bad for our planet!

    November 30, 2018

    It feels great to do something that helps the environment doesn’t it?

    Whether it’s saying no to a single-use straw or walking to the shops, we can at least feel that we’re doing something to help planet earth.

    Because, most of us care about the state of our oceans, the destruction of our rainforests and our polluted ...

  • Zero Waste Bathroom

    October 18, 2018

    Ideas for a Zero Waste Bathroom

    The bathroom. Usually the smallest room in the house but it’s responsible for producing a lot of waste!

    Our shampoo bottles and toilet rolls are often overlooked when it comes to  recycling too with only 50% ending up in landfill.

    Ensuring you recycle in the bathroom can make a big difference,” ...

  • Is Your Sunscreen Harming The Ocean?

    May 17, 2018

    Sunscreen Pollution – We’ve all heard about how plastics are destroying our oceans but what about our sunscreen? Most sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to marine life and it doesn’t just enter the water when you go for a swim! Each year around 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in our oceans!

    Besides washing ...

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