Zero Waste Christmas Gifts | the best for 2020

Zero Waste Christmas Gifts | the best for 2020

Christmas Gifts for zero waste lifestyle

I love giving zero waste Christmas gifts!


Once upon a time I bought heaps of “just for the sake of it” stocking fillers and gifts.


Partly because I felt I had to and I suppose partly because I wanted to.


Now I give gifts that reflect our zero waste lifestyle and hopefully feel as though a lot more thought has gone into them.


Spending time finding a meaningful gift rather than spending a set amount of money and worrying that it’s not enough/too much has helped me to remember the true meaning if gift giving.


I think it’s worth mentioning that for me, zero waste isn’t about never buying anything plastic.


It’s more about:

  • Making mindful purchases (not filling a trolley with pretties in the bargain stores just because it’s cheap!)


  • Buying quality items that are built to last.


  • Spending time choosing a gift that someone will use for years (even if it means asking them!)


  • Carefully considering who I actually NEED to be buying gifts for each Christmas.


  • Finding new homes for preloved items.


What is a zero waste Christmas gift?


I think that a zero waste gift should be either handmade or pre-loved or something that will be loved for many years or help it’s new owner to refuse and reduce avoidable waste.


Whether you’re trying to live a zero waste lifestyle or are buying for an eco-conscious loved one then we have some lovely ideas to inspire you.


Gifts that won’t join the estimated 60 million unwanted gifts that are exchanged at Christmas just in the UK!


We also have a post full of Zero Waste Stocking Fillers too.

This post does contain affiliate links but buy second hand or locally if you can.

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Switching to a low waste lifestyle is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, it is also low cost!⁠ ⁠ Buying from second hand shops saves tons of money and you are reusing clothes from stores that you could've bought it at but less than half the price. ⁠ ⁠ Buying your food at bulk stores also saves a ton of money and you're using all your own containers so you're ditching all waste and single use plastic. ⁠ ⁠ Using what you already have and creating something new is also a great way to reuse the things you already have, but in a low cost and sustainable way. ⁠ ⁠ This graphic above enters you into what you can do to switch over to a low waste lifestyle. ⁠ ⁠ Give it a try and let us know what you think!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ 📷 @sarahlazarovic ⁠ ⁠ #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #reuse #nowaste #sustainablelifestyle #plasticfreejuly2019 #zerowastehome #minimalism #zerowastelife #yayforearth #giveashit #packagefree #zerowaste #plasticfreejuly #plasticfree #reuse #noplastic #recycle #upcycle #zerowasteliving #reducereuserecycle #saynotostraws #lesswaste #sustainableliving #earthfriendly #zerowastejourney #plasticfreeliving #zerowastesolutions #ecofriendly #wastefree⁠

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Choosing a an eco-conscious Christmas gift in 2020…


If you’re looking for zero waste Christmas gifts then you’ll want to buy something that a zero waster will actually want or need.


Finding a gift for someone who doesn’t love ‘stuff’ isn’t as challenging as you might think.


But before, I get into our zero waste Christmas gift list I think I need to mention something…


…ask them what they’d like!


I know that a gift doesn’t quite feel like a gift if the receiver asks for it.


However, I can almost guarantee you that a zero waster will not want another gift that’s been purchased just for the sake of it.


So, if you’re comfortable to, ask them if there’s anything they want or need.


Now, if you’re still looking for that perfect zero waste gift…here are our zero waste Christmas gift ideas:


Zero Waste Christmas Gifts To Buy


Event tickets

A concert ticket, cinema, theater.



Depending on how much you have to spend an annual membership can make a lovely gift that will bring happiness all year.

Choose something the receiver will appreciate…days out, digital magazine, vegetable box.



December and January is the middle of the dormant season in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s the time to plant bare rooted deciduous trees and shrubs (dormant).

We planted our woodland with native British trees from here.


Biodegradable dish scrubber


Reusable razor

Disposable razors are unrecyclable so they end up in landfill…these don’t as the stainless steel blades are replaceable and recyclable.

zero waste Christmas gifts


Dryer balls

zero waste Christmas gifts


Reusable Water Bottle

zero waste Christmas gifts

Reusable Cup 


Mason jars for freezing, canning etc

I see these often in charity shops.


Zero Waste Travel Kit

Being zero waste when out and about can be a challenge.

Put a little kit together to help out your zero waste gift recipient.

A lidded jar with a napkin inside is enough but add a fork and spoon and they’ll be prepared for anything!

The jar can be used as a drinks cup or a bowl for holding snacks.

Wrap foods in the napkin or use it as a tablecloth while eating outside.



Gift a solid shampoo bar.


Hand cream

Why not make your own cream to gift.


Soap bars

Soap makes a great gift as it has so many uses and will keep for ages until you need it.



What about an 100% biodegradable hairbrush.
zero waste Christmas gifts



Essential oils

Not entirely zero waste but if you choose oils from sustainable sources then they are a great way to fragrance a room.

Take a look at our plastic free diffuser guide.



Did you know that some tea bags actually contain plastic?!

Gift a tea strainer and some loose tea!


Reusable bags

If you don’t already own 216 reusable bags then these look great (it holds 10 bags so is enough for a family shop).

zero waste Christmas gifts


Stacking tins like these are great for keeping in your backpack while out and about…incase you fancy a takeaway or some berries from the green grocers.

zero waste Christmas gifts








Mobile phones

1.5 billion smartphones were sold last year!

Phones need cobalt to function which is mined in terrible conditions, often by children.

If you want to gift a phone then you have a few options.l;

Buy a refurbished phone (we got ours from Music Magpie).

Buy a fairphone which is ethically made, built to last and easy to repair as it has replaceable modules.


Honey or jams

A gift of some local honey or jam is a great way to cut down waste and support a local producer.


Local Talent

What about seeking some talented artists locally. Buy a painting, some pottery or a crafted piece as a gift.



Flowers or veg seeds make a thoughtful gift.


Compost bin

What about a wormery?


Ethical toys 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for second hand then buy from a brand like Green Toys who’s toys are made with 100% recycled plastic and come in recyclable packaging.




Zero Waste Christmas Gifts For Kids


Many of the ideas above and below will be suitable zero waste gifts for kids.

I think I should mention that my kids do wake up Christmas morning to a full stocking and a pile of gifts under the tree.


I start sourcing gifts early so that I have time to search for used kids toys or make things myself.


Here are some items that make great zero waste Christmas gifts for kids:


Sewing kit

Buying non-toy gifts is a great way to inspire creativity.

I still use the Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle sewing box that I was given around 30 years ago!

Tool set

On my sons wish list this year is a real tool set. Will hopefully inspire a lifetime of making-do and mending!



Second hand books are such great bargains. I love buying Usborne for kids as the illustrations and images are perfect.



A refurbished e-reader or tablet with some pre-installed educational apps makes a lovely gift. As home educators we use ours a lot!


Zero Waste Christmas Gifts That Cost Nothing (or not a lot)


Re-gift something

Keep a box of unwanted gifts and pre-loved finds to use as gifts.



Turn something unloved into something beautiful…(like this lovely lady does!)


Gift an experience

Why not gift someone an experience…make your own or buy one.

As a busy parent a spa day or even a luxury bath (minus toddlers!) would be appreciated much more than a new handbag!


DIY Bath Salts

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⭐ New blog post!⭐ If you're anything like me, chances are you wait until the last minute to get a gift for your mom on mother's day. 😂 But that doesn't mean it has to be wasteful, or that it can't come from the heart! On the blog today, I'm sharing with you 3 DIY mother's day gift ideas that are super easy to make and perfect for those who procrastinate. Plus, they're super cute, smell amazing and will cost you practically nothing! Mom's gonna love them! 🌸 . . In my post, you'll learn: 💐 How to make zero waste bath salts, body scrub, and lavender water. 💐 How to package and decorate your gifts sustainably. 💐 Other creative ways to have a zero waste mother's day. And more! ✨ . . These gifts came from my heart. I made them with my mother in mind and I know she's going to thoroughly enjoy them. She loves all my DIYs, and these will be no exception. To me, the more thoughtful gifts are always better. If you sit down and make someone something, it shows you really care for the person. And these DIYs are both thoughtful and time-conscious. If you want to give something your mom will love, but don't have much time to spare, head on over to my blog now. I'll also include a link in my Instagram stories as well. 🌸 . . Link in bio. 💖🌟 . . . #zerowaste #zerowastemothersday #zerowastegift #zerowastegifts #zerowaste #CircularEconomy #circularliving #ecogifts #wastelandrebel #repurposed #compostable #lowwasteholiday #lavenderwater #driedroses #goingzerowaste #zerowasteholiday #zerowasteliving #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #nomoreplastic #plasticfree

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Kindness cheques

Similar to above but a cheque-book full of kind gestures.

Think about what would mean a lot to your friend and present them in as little notelets that they can redeem over the year.

For example, a foot massage, night-out, baby-sitter, favorite meal.


Jars full of goodies

I love giving gifts in reused glass jars.

Make some fudge or even add some dry cookie ingredients…these make lovely zero waste Christmas gifts when presented in a jar.

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Consumable gifts! •••• My mum gave me a book called "Gifts in a Jar" around 2001 and I've been using it ever since. I'm all about consumable gifts. Who doesn't like food?! Over the years I've done baking mixes, soups, coffee, and infused oils. They are inexpensive, but take time. I think that's why I like them – they are made with intention and given with love. •••• Some tips on giving gifts in a jar: • Use a wide mouth jar! Sometimes you need to get your fist in there and smush stuff down to make it all fit! • Check your math. Add up the dry ingredients in your recipe and choose your jar size accordingly. • Check your math again! Scale up the dry goods you need based on the number of jars you are making. This way you don't run out of sugar or end up with 5 extra pounds of oats… • Head to the bulk section. I like to get ingredients for this kind of project in jars because I can accurately gauge the amount. • Set up an assembly line, one ingredient at a time for all the jars. • Layer your jars for aesthetics *and* efficient packing. Put a fluffy ingredient (like flour) under an ingredient that can be packed down (like brown sugar or dried fruit). • You can jazz up the lid with scrap fabric, craft paper, leftover yarn, etc. • Attach a tag with baking/cooking instructions. (I typically never put who it's from on the tag. It might not be the recipient's jam, but they are free to regift it that way if they like.) •••• I think that's it, but feel free to ask questions! What consumable gifts are your favourite to give or receive? • • • • #giftsinajar #zerowastegifts #zerowasteholiday #zerowastecanada #zerowastechristmas #lowwaste #bulkisbeautiful #masonjars #lowimpactmovement #homemadegifts #vintagesanta #plasticfree #plasticfreeaurora #beatplasticpollution #ourplanetourhome

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Or what about a home made soup kit…

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Christmas is less than a week away! I always like to give homemade food gifts to friends and neighbors. Here’s a fabulous idea from @wholefully. Aren’t these soup mixes perfect for a cold busy winter night? I made lentil coconut curry, 5 bean and Italian barley. The first two were my favorite, so I made lots more of those to give away. . Consumable gifts are the best. As Cassie says “You give the gift, the giftee uses it and appreciates it, and then it’s gone—no tchotchke sitting around waiting to be donated to the thrift store in a few months.” SO True! ✨👩‍🍳✨ . Here’s a link if you want to make some to give away this year too : . . . #ediblegifts #handmadechristmas #lastminutegifts #diychristmas #masonjargifts #homemadegifts

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DIY wipes

Cut some old brushed cotton sheets into squares and sew edges.


String art

If you’re crafty then give string art a try…


A garden seat

Such a great way to recycle tyres…


Bird feeders

Make a birdfeeder.


A Reusable Rice Heating Pad


Seed paper

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Once you’ve chosen the perfect zero waste Christmas Gift then remember to avoid waste while wrapping too:

  • Newspaper
  • Fabric and ribbon
  • Reusable bag
  • Magazine pages
  • Kids drawings

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. 🌿 Hip hip hooray 🌿 . Today is the day! Today she is really turning 9! This means cake for breakfast & her first (fabric wrapped) gift 👐 Yesterday she only got money; She is saving up for one big specific gift, hence the wallet 😉 (And a nice additional benefit: no rain of little gifts, fun for a moment, to be tossed out after a short while) 🌿 . And of course treats for her classmates and teachers. All homemade with bulk ingredients (bad lightning for a pic 🙈) 🌿 . And last but not least: a pancake lunchdate with her boyfriend💕😉 🌿 . #zerowastehome #zerowastecollective #zerowasteofficial #awastefreeworld #wastefreeplanet #sustainable #sustainableinfluencers #ecofriendly #zerowastegifts #zerowastegiftwrap #bulkbuy #zeeowastevegan #zerowastebirthday #tulipsandatoolbox #furoshiki

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I hope this zero waste Christmas gifts list has helped you to find the perfect zero waste present.


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