Zero Waste Mop – natural cleaning made easy

Zero Waste Mop – natural cleaning made easy

If you’re on the hunt for a zero waste mop to add to your cleaning kit…then read on…

Cleaning doesn’t have to involve a bunch of chemicals, plastic and other non-recyclable waste.

Zero waste cleaning is really simple and actually requires very few items.

In fact, most of what you need is probably already stashed away in your cupboard!

When I had my first son I became a lot more aware of the chemicals that were coming into our house.

Zero waste mop
I now only clean with products that aren’t toxic and are mostly home-made.

I quickly realised that every time we washed the floor, we were coating it in unnecessary chemicals.

‘Hazardous to humans and domestic animals’ the label said and I was letting my baby crawl all over it!

So, I set about researching how I could clean our floors without using toxins and creating waste in the process.

I have no idea why for years I bought a fluorescent yellow liquid to wash my floor, without question…just because it was labelled as ‘floor cleaner’.

The floor cleaner recipe we use now is ridiculously simple.

You can take a look at it here.

Finding a zero waste mop

I have to say, I’ve not had much luck with plastic mops.

They never seem to last long before the sponge pad disintegrates or the mechanism snaps.

We used our most recent plastic mop until it was leaving junks of sponge all over the floor and I started hunting for a zero waste mop to replace it.

I wanted a solution that would a) be hard-wearing and b) not end up in landfill when it broke.

Where to buy a zero waste mop…

Zero waste is pretty fashionable right now which is awesome.

On the not-so-awesome side are the brands trying to push ‘eco’ products that we perhaps don’t need or aren’t as eco-friendly as they want us to believe.

Wooden brushes and natural fibres look much nicer that plastic brooms and microfiber clothes but part of being zero waste is about making use of what you have rather than buying new.

If you really want to rid your house of plastic then find a home for your old stuff before buying replacement items.

Do not send them to landfill.

Low Waste and Zero Waste Mop Solutions…

We’ve found 5 awesome ideas that will reduce both the waste and chemicals you use while cleaning your floors.

1. French Style Mopping

My mother-in-law recently showed me how her family in France used to mop their floors.

To me, it seems like the perfect zero waste mop solution!

It’s extremely simple like most great ideas!

Basically she showed me how they would use a small stiff bristled brush to scrub the floor.

They would then hang a rung-dry heavy-duty cotton cloth over the brush and wash the floor.

Rinse and repeat.

Zero waste mop french style

It works so well with my natural floor cleaner as the natural ingredients don’t irritate my hands like store-bought cleaners would.

2. Cuban Mopping

Having done a little research , I can see that the French style of mopping is similar to cuban mopping.

Zero Waste mop cuban mop
Click to see price.

Although, cuban mopping doesn’t involve the stiff bristle brush.

Both of these zero waste mopping solutions use wooden handled ‘brooms’ so they’ll last for decades.

The one I’ve been given had a label on it from the 80’s and it’s still going strong.

3. Make-Do and Mend Mopping

zero waste mop | natural cleaning | plastic free mop
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I saw this idea posted by Joanna Brown on a zero waste forum and had to include itin our zero waste mop guide (with her permission).

In true zero waste style, Joanna created this mop using items she had no other use for and would usually end up in landfill…

She used some odd and holey socks, a broom handle and a metal jubilee clip.

Zero waste mop diy

This idea is so simple!

You just need to attach the socks around your wooden handle with the clip.

Once the socks are secure you can cut them length-ways so that they’ll clean better.

zero waste mop and bucket

If your socks are made from natural fibres like cotton or hemp then you’ll be able to compost them when they’re worn out.

The handle and clip can be reused many times until they wear out. When they can no longer be used the wooden handle can be composted and the stainless steel clip can be recycled.

4. Make Your Own Washable Mop Heads

If you already own a mop that uses disposable wipes, like a Swiffer you can make your own by sewing, knitting or crocheting washable covers.

Like this one…


5. Steaming

I’m wary of suggesting this option because obviously it involves buying a plastic item.

However, this solution may suit some people as it cleans thoroughly using only water.

Try to buy second-hand or choose a good quality model that’s built to last.

Zero waste mop steam
This model has attachments to clean many surfaces including curtains.

You may be interested in our other zero waste blog posts.

Do you have any other low waste or zero waste mop solutions?

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