Zero Waste Shaving – A Guide For Guys

Zero Waste Shaving – A Guide For Guys

From very wasteful shaving to zero waste shaving

I’ve roped in a guy to bring you this post on zero waste shaving for guys…

If you’d rather not read my thrilling account of shaving through the years then please feel free to skip to ‘How I finally managed to achieve zero waste shaving’.

Everyone remembers the first time they shaved. Often you are shown how to do it by a parent or older relative.

I decided to wing it and learnt the hard way. Just me and a crappy mass-produced and basically single-use orange razor.

In fact, I wouldn’t even say that they’re good enough for single use and my face was testament to that after removing what was (to be quite honest) a few fluffy facial pubes from my moustache area.

I stuck with those orange razors for a while and although they might not be quite as bad as I first made out, they certainly don’t last long, the blade quickly becoming blunt and dangerous in facial hair removal operations.

They might not be single use plastics but they’re not far off and definitely not for anyone considering zero waste shaving.

When I learnt that 2 billion razors are sent to landfill each year I wanted to stop contributing to that figure!

Achieving zero waste shaving was my goal so, conscious about the wastefulness of throw away razors I looked into better quality ones to avoid the constant use and chuck away culture that is so prominent nowadays. Also I’m tight… (cheap for Americans).

I tried those razors with the removable heads so that I could at least keep the handle and then just click on a new one. That’s got to be better I thought!

In my youth however I had more important things to do than keep track of which brand of razor handle I had at home so I ended up with a wide variety of different heads and handles which were rarely compatible.

I just kept them all in a wash bag, they’ll come in handy some day said the hoarder in me.

They didn’t.

Most of these reusable handles broke where they should have clicked in to the razor heads. I even tried using the heads by themselves which in all honesty had very mixed results for my unfortunate face.

Zero waste shaving with an electric razor.

Sorted, I thought, I’ll get an electric shaver and mow the unkempt lawn that was now my face after a week or two of not being bothered to shave.

I’ll never have to throw out any more plastic handles and send blunt razors to landfill so Walle can sort them out in our potentially inevitable dystopian future.

Also, being a massive Cardi (person from a certain part of Wales where the people are stereotypically tight), I convinced myself that even though it would cost a bit more I’d still make my money back over time as it would be a one time buy.

Unfortunately, if you’re a lazy shaver like me or you have facial hair with incredible regenerative powers or both then a week is too long.

The end job, after a fair few hairs getting ripped out when they tangled in the turny thing (technical term), was a patchy face made up of random length stubble and beard.  It made me look like Beavis and Butthead when they tried gluing hair on their faces in an attempt to look more mature.

Shaving with an electric razor was more zero waste but it wasn’t the answer to my zero waste shaving needs.

Although I slate electric shavers they are a lot better than the disposable ones I’ve previously mentioned. They’re actually pretty good if you shave regularly.

If you’re interested in investing in one then take a look at these. This post contains affiliate links.

Zero waste shaving and the dreaded cut-throat razor

Zero waste shaving

Click for full reviews and prices.

Old-school. The old ways are the best aren’t they? Well not if you’re as rubbish at shaving as I am.

I think given my track record, I’ve done well to avoid this one.

The name in itself is enough to give it its terrible image problem. Very poor marketing. Then that Sweeney Todd film came out and finished off any chance of a possible revival.

My neighbour has one, he thinks it’s ace.

I just want to keep my face… (sorry).

Honestly though, it must work well, but I’m not going near that thing! Especially when I need to shave around my rather large protruding (some say even offensively so) Adam’s apple, as well as other areas that may need ‘bush craft’ techniques to sort out.

Zero waste shaving men
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If you’re old-school and not afraid of a very sharp unforgiving blade around your Adam’s apple then you can buy them here.

If you use a cut-throat then I’d love to hear how you get on with your cut-throat!

It’s classy, durable and you can resharpen the blade with a sharpening stone. It’s completely zero waste shaving as long as it’s well maintained.

How I finally managed to achieve zero waste shaving…

Zero waste razor

This is a beast of a razor. There’s something old school yet modern about the style. It’s beefy, sturdy and well made. Stainless steel and bamboo.

That’s it.

No flimsy plastic parts to break off and have to re-buy. This razor is awesome and you strongly recommend it if you want to go zero waste when shaving.

Or you could get the cut-throat, go on buy it, see what happens.

The Bambaw Safety Razor is, as it’s name suggests, really safe. I don’t think I could shave my face off if I tried.

This shaving soap looks great and is suitable for vegans. It comes in cardboard packaging that can be recycled or composted.

I’ve been using my reusable razor ages now and I’m still on the first blade. At one point it did start to snag, but then my wife showed me a trick she’d seen where you literally rub the blade horizontally along a pair of jeans and it straightens the blade. So it’s now as good as new!

It’s easy to take apart to give it a clean. The blades are also double-sided so you can use both sides and when you’re done they can be recycled.

The razor cuts so well that it will get through anything from mutton chops to well-kempt goatees.

The handle adds to the look and has the benefit of being made from bamboo, which is one of the world’s most renewable resources. It grows extremely fast, absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces significantly more oxygen than trees.

In summary, this shaver is durable, effective, easy to clean, sturdy, safe, aesthetically pleasing and zero waste.

Here’s a link to the Bambaw razor which I strongly recommend:

Remember: If you already have other razors (yes even the rubbish orange ones!) then use them up first before throwing them out or give them to someone who will use them. They might as well get used or it’s a total waste.

I hope you’ve found this zero waste shaving guide useful.

You may like to take a look at our other zero waste bathroom ideas.

Let me know how you keep your body hair under control? 👇👇👇

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