Zero Waste Stocking Fillers | Ideas For A Waste Free Christmas

Zero Waste Stocking Fillers |  Ideas For A Waste Free Christmas

60+ Stocking Stuffer Suggestions


60+ zero waste stocking fillers…


I love Christmas!


Which is why I often start planning for it in late July!


As a child I loved waking up to a Christmas Stocking and unwrapping it on my parents bed…and I enjoy the tradition even more now that I have children myself.


However,  Christmas Stockings don’t have to be filled with plastic tat or heavily packaged trinkets that’ll be loved for all of five minutes.


So, I’ve put together 60+ zero waste stocking fillers to help inspire your zero waste Christmas…


1. Fresh fruit

2. Nuts

3. Homemade Muffins

4. Homemade Cookies in a glass jar

Zero waste stocking fillers

5. Homemade Sweets or buy loose pick-n-mix

6. Fairtrade Chocolate

7. DIY snowglobe kit

8. Jewellery Making Kit (string and beads)

9. Cinema tickets

10. Second hand books (take a look on Ebay…there are tonnes of bargains!)

11. Mug and Fairtrade hot chocolate

12. Essential Oils 

13. Coins in a purse

14. Naturally Scented Candle

15. Homemade Lotion

16. Handkerchief

17. Herbal Tea Leaves

18. Natural Crayons

19. Locally Made Bath Bombs

20. Bar Soap

21. Shampoo Bar

Zero waste stocking fillers

22. Homemade Body Scrub

23. Personalized Coupons (trip to the fossil beach)

24. Preloved Toys

25. Packet of seeds (Christmas tree seeds are great!)

26. Tree sapling

27. House plant (stuffed into top of stocking!)

28. Bird feeder

29. Audio book

30. Music download

31. Online magazine subscription

32. Colouring book

33. Reusable bottle

34. Kids Bamboo Toothbrush
Zero waste stocking fillers


35. Gift Experience Voucher (make your own or buy one)

36. Craft Kit (pieces of ribbon,  card offcuts, scissors etc)

37. Sports tickets

38. Pamper Kit

39. Spa voucher

40. Reusable produce bags

41. Pela phone case

42. Weekend away

43. Playing cards

44. Zero waste razor

45. Preloved tshirt

46. Pyjamas

47. Pants

48. Socks

49. Preloved Camera to capture highlights

50. Photo album for the year

51. Local honey

52. Preloved jewellery

53. Bullet journal

54. Fountain Pen

55. DIY Sock monkey

56. Make Up Remover Pads

57. Skipping rope

58. Tea strainer

59. Flower press

60. Natural DIY playdough

61. Friendship bracelet

62. Sewing kit in a match box

63. Horse riding lesson

64. Rechargeable batteries

65. Organic hair bands

66. Biodegradable hairbrush
Zero waste stocking fillers

67. Plan Toys


Take a look at our full Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas here 🌲☃️


What are your favourite zero waste stocking fillers?

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