Zero Waste – a how to guide

Zero Waste – a how to guide


A Zero Waste Household

Hi! Welcome to our collection of posts about living zero waste. You can see all of our posts here.

Did you know that average, people throw away their body weight in rubbish every seven weeks! In total that’s 31 million tonnes per year! CB Environmental

More worryingly, we’re producing around 3% more waste every single year!

Like many people we have become increasingly concerned by the amount of waste we were creating and for the last few years we have been consciously reducing it.

Zero waste is an aspiration…it’s actually pretty impossible to achieve absolutely no waste in modern society.

It means sending as little as possible to landfill and placing as few plastics and other materials as possible in the recycling bin.

So, what is zero waste?

Becoming zero waste is a journey…it’s not going to happen over-night.

The facilities that you have available to you will either make your journey super easy or pretty challenging.

A good place to start is to look in your trash and recycling. Looking at what you throw out each week will help you to work out where most of your waste is coming from.

Armed with that information you can start targeting the easiest areas first.

What seems ‘easy’ for us may seem really daunting to someone else and vice-versa. Your waste free journey will be a very personal one and will no-doubt change overtime.

You can take a look here for some zero waste inspiration.

I really hope that some of our posts can encourage and inspire you!

Zero waste is nothing new…

I think our grand parents would find it kinda funny that some people associate a zero waste lifestyle with modern, city dwellers who skip around with their stainless steel water bottles and bento boxes.

It would have been considered normal everyday living for people before the 1950’s.

Our grandparents would have bought their groceries at places similar to the now ‘modern’ waste free stores.

Their milk would have been delivered from local farms in glass milk bottles.

They would have owned less than 10 well-made and well-cared for items of clothing. Not the piles of worn once ‘bargains’ that most of us struggle to fit in our wardrobes today.

They were probably gifted expensive linen as a wedding gift that stayed with them their entire life.

Business greed and consumers enjoying convenience has led us down a path to a completely unsustainable lifestyle.

Many of us are actually totally unprepared for living a zero waste lifestyle right away.

Our great grandparents pantries would have been full of glass kilner jars and their cleaning supplies made from natural products. In contrast our lives are full of single-use plastics, pointless packaging and chemicals that are harmful to both us and our planet.

Today, we’ve gotten used to our mobiles conveniently breaking just before a new version is released. We barely even expect electronics to last longer than a few years.

But, times are changing…

Call it what you want…zero waste, eco conscious, waste free, green living, minimalism…it’s all good and the movement is growing.

Big businesses are starting to listen and adapt and new greener businesses are starting up.

What can we do?

Living a zero waste lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrifice and struggle.

A few simple zero waste products can really help change the way that we shop, clean and live day-to-day.

I’m not a minimalist and I’m not a huge fan of chick peas or lentils. I love chocolate as much as I love a good salad.

I hope the message is clear in all of my posts…it’s not about being 100% zero waste and getting it right all of the time…it’s about making a conscious effort to make the best choices that we can make given our circumstances.

Part of your journey will mean finding out what works for you.

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