Kids Spring Activities | free printable Spring Challenge Cards

Kids Spring Activities | free printable Spring Challenge Cards

This collection of Challenge Cards includes over 30 kids Spring activities that I’ve put together to use with my children over the next few months.


As a home educating parent I tend to let my kids lead their own learning and Challenge Cards are a great way of getting them interested without the activities being too prescriptive.


They are designed to allow children to organically develop a range of skills, build knowledge and encourage an interest in the outdoors.


They can be used with most age groups because children can record their discoveries however they wish.


Activities ask them to write, measure, count, predict, cook, play and more…


I hope you enjoy completing them together!


How to use these Spring Activities Challenge Cards:


To make make your Challenge Cards:

  •  Print out the set and cut into the four marked sections.
  • Divide them into their correct sections:
    • Spring
    • Birds
    • Nests
    • Pondlife
    • Trees
    • Get gardening
  • Print the additional resources listed at the bottom of this page.


How to use:

  • The Challenge Cards are designed to be used regularly and inspire a love of nature and the outdoors.
  • Don’t be afraid to deviate from the activities included if something inspires your child.
  • Pick one up when you want something to do, choose a designated time to reveal a Challenge Card or leave one out for them to find.
  • I have added links to additional printables that you can use with to each activity. One site is free the other has a annual or monthly subscription site.  You can however use the Challenge Cards without these additional printables.


Download the Spring Challenge Cards:

Spring Challenge Cards



1. Nature Detectives –

2. Blossom Collage –

4. Colour Wheel –


1. Bird spotting sheet

2. Graph

RSPB Birdsong –

6. Paperclip birds–


1. Twigs –

3. Build a bird’s nest –

8. DIY Birdbox –


1. Nature Detective Checklist–

Identification –

2. Frog lifecycle –—frog-lifecycle-worksheets

3. Frog Straw Rocket

5. Draw a frog tutorial


1. Identification

3. Parts of a tree –


1. Plant a bean –

2. Lifecycle of  plant –

3. What plants need –

I hope you enjoy these kids Spring activities…look out for more Challenge Cards…their on the way!


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