Post Office Role Play Printable | toddler writing activity

Post Office Role Play Printable | toddler writing activity

Whenever we have a spare cardboard box in our house the boys will ask to make a post box!


So, I’ve created a really simple printable so that they can make their own envelopes, letters and stamps to post and deliver to their toys.


Role play post letters toddler activity


The Setup

You will need:

  • Printable sheet (see below) or envelopes and paper.
  • Cardboard box.


What to do:

  • Print free printable (below) or use envelopes.
  • Cut and stick ready if you prefer or leave for toddler to do.
  • Cut a post box hole in your cardboard box.
  • Lay out pens, scissors and glue.

Toddlee activities postman roleplay

How To Play


  • Toddlers can ‘write’ and draw their letters.
  • Pop them in envelopes and stick on stamp.
  • Post each letter in postbox.
  • Deliver mail around the house to teddies etc.
  • You can make this game a little more challenging by giving house numbers or names to places around your house/garden for post to be delivered to.

Download free printable toddler activity post letters printable here.


Toddler Activities letter post roleplay
Click to download…

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