When do newborns get easier?! | something you need to know

When do newborns get easier?! | something you need to know

When do Newborns get easier?


Are you exhausted and feeling like you have nothing left to give? Are you wondering when newborns get easier?

I know how tired you are.

I understand how desperately you want to get this right but how overwhelmed you feel right now.

Having a newborn is tough.


I’m not going to tell you that you need to buy a,b and c or do x,y and z before things to get easier.

There’s a whole industry built on making parents feel like they’re doing something  wrong…like their baby isn’t “normal”


But, I am going to tell you that it’s OK.


What you’re feeling right now is OK.


It’s OK to cry.


It’s OK to look at the baby you planned excitedly for and wonder ‘what have I done!?’

You know that sudden rush of love that you’re supposed to feel when you first see your newborn…I didn’t feel it.


It took a while for me to get over the shock of labor and the sleep exhaustion that followed.


Be kind to yourself. Give yourself some time to adjust.


I’m pretty sure that right now you’re not after more advice from a ‘parenting guru’.


I couldn’t tell you when your newborn will get easier even if I wanted to…nobody really can.


What I can tell you that my newborn got easier the day that I started listening to my baby and ignored some of the terrible advice I was being given.


When he cried I held him.

When he nuzzled I fed him.


Newborn when does it get easier
Hold your baby when he needs you.


I stopped fighting my instincts and just responded to my child.


The truth is that parenthood is tough.

Especially in the early days. 


Anyone who tells you otherwise has forgotten, is wearing rose tinted spectacles or is actually a superhero in disguise.


It’s also OK to crave your pre-kids life…


To look in the mirror and wonder where you’ve gone.


Those feelings don’t make you a bad person…or a bad parent…they make you human.


Transition into parenthood is going to feel overwhelming at times…guilt, fear, shock, worry, exhaustion…and love.


It’s the scariest rollercoaster you’ll ever ride…they’re always the best though right!?


So whether you’re reading this at 2am or 2pm…


Whether your newborn sleeps through the night or wakes every 20 minutes…


Whether you’ve found breastfeeding easy or have been struggling to get baby to latch.


How you’re feeling is normal.


You’ve can do this!


You’re eyes are tired because you sooth your baby when he needs you.

Your arms ache because you rock your baby when he needs to be held.

Your heart aches because you care so much.

when do newborns get easier

Give yourself a break.



Seek support.


Be honest with yourself and be honest with those around you.


Surround yourself with honest people too.

People who remember the realities of the newborn phase. People who can recall the late nights, hourly wakings, early mornings, constant carrying, sickness bugs and snotty noses.

Pretty soon you’ll only remember  staring into your sweet babies eyes…being his world.


Of course, parenthood will always bring new struggles and fresh challenges but nothing will compare to these first months.


I bet it seems unimaginable right now but in the blink of an eye your baby will be sitting up, crawling, walking and running off to play and you’ll barely remember the struggles.


It will get easier.



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5 thoughts on “When do newborns get easier?! | something you need to know”

  • 12 days in and we’re both finding it a real struggle. I’ve lost count of the “when does it get easier?” forums I’ve visited. I think the trouble it, we love her so much but pine for that old life. I guess it’s still so early for us and I shouldn’t be complaining (but here I am)

    This was a good read and it’s reassuring to know that despite it all, it does get easier.

    • Ahh 12 days! Still so tiny! Mine are 4 and 2 now and although it’s never as easy as just taking care of yourself it does definitely get easier. Take one day at a time and look after yourselves x

  • This was a really helpful read at the right time. My baby is 7.5 weeks and I feel like maybe I wasn’t as strong as I thought. Thank you for posting this.

    • Oh Priya thanks for commenting.

      Your little one is still so tiny! You are as strong as you thought but parenting is especially difficult in todays society.

      If you can ask for help then do…even a cup of tea at a Family Centre…we’re not built to do this alone…’it takes a village!’ xxx

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