Best Way To Learn French Online

Best Way To Learn French Online

What’s The Best Way To Learn French Online?

So, what is the best way to learn French online?

As someone who’s learnt several languages from scratch I’ve tried various online language learning methods.

Immersion in French speaking countries is of course one of the fastest ways to learn a new language.

However, when travel isn’t an option or for practicing before visits to France there are many online options that will help to keep your French refreshed (or teach you from scratch).

Even if you live in France I would still advise extra learning in your downtime. It will help to reinforce new vocabulary, expressions or grammatical rules that you may have encountered during the day.

Online learning is great because it can be done at your own pace, whenever you have free time.

If your family members are keen to learn too then read this post about learning together as a family.

So here are the best ways to learn French online:

Best Way To Learn French Online |Apps and Games

There are some really handy game style apps that are free to download and use.

Duolingo is perfect for older children and adults. You can set up a free account easily and it allows you to choose from loads of languages.

It feels more like you’re playing a fast paced game. Answer correctly to move forward but get something wrong and you loose some progress.

I especially like that it mixes spoken language with text. The idea is that you do small amounts of learning regularly and the app cleverly reminds you when it’s time to practice!

Babbel – is learning through pictures, reading and repetition. You can trial it for free to see if it suits your learning style.

Memrise – Memrise is free, fun and works on repetition through re-reading, re-writing or choosing words and phrases from translations.

It is an effective way of learning and you can progress through different levels.

Rosetta Stone – Using sight and sound, Rosetta Stone doesn’t give you translations but focuses on communication. This course is not free.

Best Way To Learn French Online |Online Tutor

Hire An Online Tutor

An online tutor can be one of the best ways to learn French online as they can explain how to learn a language, grammatical rules and patterns and also motivate and inspire you to get better at languages.

You can have personally tailored lessons and ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about French and French speaking countries cultures.

I offer online tutoring so get in touch if you’d like a trial session 😁

Best Way To Learn French Online | Exploring Your Hobbies

Keep doing all of your hobbies and interests but in French.


Depending on your level you could download your old favourites to read again or keep up with news articles. You may enjoy Le Monde or Le Figaro.

This is perfect for beginners as you already understand the context which will help you to read with a better flow and enjoy it more than if you had to look up every other word.

best way to learn french online

Films and Series

Watch your favourites online too!

It’s worth noting that you can often select different languages on Netflix and similar websites.

Sometimes this can be coupled with either your own language’s subtitles or French subtitles if you just want a little extra help.

Bear in mind that the script translations for the subtitles won’t always match that of the voice actors’ dubbing, although this can give you two similar translations for the same phrase (if you’re like me and find that sort of thing interesting!).

Listen To French Songs

Listening to songs can really help with pronunciation and vocabulary.

Pop songs and children’s rhymes are a good place to start as they’re often repetitive and easy to follow.

As a family with young children we love to listen to Titounis and other simple
French nursery rhymes.

There are also a lot of French grammar videos on you tube such as the Alain le lait songs as well as the more outrageous but very catchy etre song called Dance (Être) Remix – Learn the French verb Être!

French Online Radio

If you enjoy listening to the radio you could try switching to a French station occasionally.

My preferred French radio station is France Inter. It’s a mixture of well discussed current events, issues and news as well as more humorous and inventive stories.

Best Way To Learn French Online |Social Media

Groups and Pages 

Liking French groups and pages on Facebook or following some French speakers of Twitter or Instagram will automatically mean that your news feed becomes more French!

Just think of joining the French equivalents of your chosen interests.

Chat to friends

If you meet French speakers on your travels then why not keep in touch.

There are so many free ways to chat online nowadays…WhatsApp, Facebook, Facetime, Skype…


Do you have any other suggestions for the best way to learn french online?

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