Train To Lettersville | Easy Toddler Activity To Learn Letters

Train To Lettersville | Easy Toddler Activity To Learn Letters

Introducing letters to toddlers through play is a fun way to help them begin to recognize letters.


This game is so easy to set up and is perfect if you have a wooden train set or similar.


The Setup

You will need:

  • Train track, road or similar.
  • Letters (we used our magnetic ones)
  • Tray (we used a metal baking tray)


What to do:

  • Build a train track.
  • Set up a train with some wagons.
  • Lay some magnetic letters along the track.
  • Place the tray along or at the end of your track.


How To Play


  • Drive along the track collecting a letter each time.
  • Say the letter sound and transport them to Lettertown (the baking tray).
  • Talk about the letters. Say them “M, m…m for mummy”.
  • Extension – if you have an older child or toddler who needs a challenge then you can add a some post-its with letters or simple pictures for them to match their letters to. 

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