Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for change?

We find it frightening. The bitterness. The sadness. The lack of satisfaction people are getting from being alive.

We felt it too. Drudgery.

Working. Washing. Cooking. Sleeping.

I feel guilty just saying it. Our house is in a beautiful part of West Wales, not far from the Cardigan Bay Coastline.

It’s a place where people go on holiday…where they dream of living. We were close to friends and family. We had good jobs.

We’re not spoilt millennials. That’s too easy an insult to throw at anyone looking for more. I think there are far too many people suffering from disaffection for us to judge them so quickly.

I’m not saying that we should expect to skip to work everyday and never complain about anything.

But, surely if we’re alive then we should try our hardest to enjoy it…to be the best people that we can be!

I hate to sound cliché but life really is too short. How many reminders do we need before we stop moaning and change something.

Since having kids we’d got into the daily grind of working and barely having the energy to speak to each other in the evenings.

We’re sold an idea of what life should be like from a young age. We think we live in a country where we have free choice but it comes with judgement and criticism.

We’re so blinded by the life that we’re supposed to live that I’m not sure we even know what we want anymore.

Feminists fought so that women were allowed to vote. Allowed to work. But, in doing so we now live in a country where both men and women often ‘have’ to work to sustain a certain lifestyle.

Children are sent to nursery school when they’re a few weeks old. Then it’s Pre-School, School, College and University.

It has to be that way…obviously. They have to get used to routine, hard-work and doing things they don’t enjoy. Otherwise, how will they ever cope in the real world!?

What a sad perspective on life!

All the while, parents are racked with guilt. They’re not spending enough time together. The kids are growing up so fast. Mother’s who are told to breastfeed but are encouraged back to work. Father’s who want to see more of their kids but have to work late yet again.

We live in bigger houses than we need to. Drive massive cars and own as many things as our money can buy.

We eat out, buy the latest fashions and watch Sky TV. We save for extravagant holidays that we take with our family once or twice a year. Other than that we see each other on the weekends if we’re lucky.

And yet we wonder why we’re still not happy.

I’m aware that we’re so so privileged. I know that some people have nothing. Literally nothing.

Ready for change
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We have so much to be happy about. And we are happy. But, there’s still a nagging feeling that there’s more to life than this. Infact, I think we actually want less…less stuff, fewer commitments, fewer deadlines, less chaos in our life.

I’m not saying that travelling is the answer to everything and I’m pretty sure that we’ll want to settle down at some point. But there’s definitely something to be said for leaving your comfort zone , learning from others and leaving differently for a while.

At the moment, we’re happy to make it up as we go along.

You don’t always need a long term plan!

If you’re tempted by change but aren’t sure where to start then take a look at this…where do you want to be in a years time?

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