20 Social Distancing Games You Can Play Two Metres Apart

As lockdown rules relax a little, some schools are re-opening and in some places, family and friends are allowed to meet up. All this has got me thinking about some fun lockdown games that can be played 2m apart.

These social distancing games can all be played from a distance of 2m away which will mean that you can keep everyone safe, follow lockdown rules and have fun at the same time.


Social Distancing Games

1. Four Square – divide court into 4 squares. A player stands in each of the squares and they must bounce to each other without dropping it.

2. Hopscotch  

3. Jump rope games – (one skipping rope each). Set challenges:

  • Scissor jumps: land with one foot forward then jump and switch your front foot. 
  • Crosses: cross one foot in front of the other as you jump.  
  • Hop jumps: jump while on one leg.

4. Jump rope games – use one long rope that 2 people swing while others take turns. Make up actions to these fun skipping rhymes.

5. Badminton 

Badminton and similar games are great to play with 2m apart.
Badminton and similar games are great to play with 2m apart.

6.Football Skills – set up some cones to practice dribbling skills before trying to score a goal!

7. Charades

8. Mob mob – one person counts while others hide. Seeker must look for players cautiously and shout “mob mob (insert name)” before the hiders make it back to base and shout “mob mob save all”. Just make the base slightly bigger than usual so that hider and seeker are running to a spot 2m apart.

9. I Spy 

10. Traffic lights – players stand along a line (2m apart). Caller shouts “green light” and players move towards other side. When Caller shouts “red light” they must freeze. If spotted moving they have to go back to the start line. “Amber light” can mean hop, skip etc.

11. Find me something – set challenges like “find me something yellow/ soft/ metal etc). Draw, write, point to what they see (whichever works for you).

12. Chalk Draw – make pictures, mark roads for bikes and toy cars, fields and trees for animal figures, crocodile swamps.

13. Welly throwing – grab a welly and see who can throw the furthest!

14. Donkey – Stand 2m apart. Throw ball to each other. When someone misses they get a letter D then O then N and so on until they spell DONKEY. The first to spell DONKEY is out until the next round.

15. Wobbly Catch – as above but when you miss the ball you are penalized i.e. first catch one handed. Miss again and you’re one handed and on one knee. Then two knees. Then laying down. Then your out. Catch the ball and go back a step.

16. Obstacle Course – Set up an obstacle course with objects you have around.

17. Dodgeball – players stand opposite each other. They need to throw the soft ball so that it makes contact with opposing player. If it hits player below shoulders then they are out. If player catches a ball thrown by opponent then opponent is out. 

18. Tug of war – two players hold either end of a long rope and pull. Strongest wins. 

19  Frisbee 

Frisbee from 2m apart
Frisbee would be a fun game from 2m apart.

19.  Petanque 

Petanque Games to play outside with Kidd
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20. Limbo – two players hold either end of a rope. Take turns to lean  backwards and walk underneath. The rope is lowered each round.  How low can you go?Games you can play 2m apart with kids

So, there you have some really fun games that you can play together from 2meters apart while socially distancing. Share more in the comments…

Games you can play 2m apart with kids

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