Baby Wearing Winter – tips & ideas

Baby Wearing Winter – tips & ideas

Babywearing in cold weather


Looking for advice about baby wearing winter clothes, coats, jackets and ponchos?


Brr! It’s beginning to feel a little chilly!


If you’re planning on baby wearing this winter then you probably already know that it can be a little tricky to keep both you and baby warm.


I’ve been baby wearing most days for nearly four years. My boys love their Tula!


Wearing a standard hoodie with baby directly on top can get uncomfortable quickly as you can’t remove layers if you get too warm.


Also if you breastfeed in your carrier then it can make it really awkward.


Thankfully,  some genius invented baby wearing clothes!


Keeping baby warm in carrier


There are several different types of baby wearing winter clothes that are designed to keep both parent and baby toasty!


There are babywearing waterproof coats and fleece jackets that zip around both parent and baby, panels that join to your own coat aswel as covers that protect baby from the elements.


Whatever you choose it’s important to not dress baby up in thick coats and padded body suits.


The combination of your body heat and the warm clothes can mean they quickly over-heat.


Use layers and cover extremities well with thick socks, boots and mittens. Legwarmers are cute too!

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Click below to find out more about each type of clothing…

Baby wearing in winter

These coats are specifically designed for baby wearing in winter as they have an extra panel (or two). The panels is often  removable so you can wear it without baby too.


Baby wearing in winter


If you already have a coat that you love then take a look at an extension panel. You just zip it into your usual coat! 

Baby wearing in winter


Keep baby warm and dry with a baby wearing cover. They’re often fleece lined so are nice and cosy. 

Babywearing in winter


Take a look at these baby wearing in winter hacks by Gemma, a Baby Wearing Peer Supporter.

Baby wearing in winter

Coming soon…

Check out some baby wearing clothes that you can buy in the UK.

Baby wearing in winter
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I’d love to hear how you keep warm baby wearing in winter time.

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